Subhuthi Thera

Venerable Rajawelle Subhuthi

Director | Hospital Services Council

I serve as the Director of the hospital services council and I am assisted by an executive committee.

The Hospital Service has developed itself into an efficient organization over the years and continues high quality voluntary services in a transparent manner. The group of devoted volunteers help in conducting numerous activities.

Two other monks along with me are residing at the Vipassi Buddhist Centre. We attend to the daily religious needs of the patients by visiting the wards regularly. The assistance of monks from nearby temples is sought in planning more elaborate religious activities.

The National Hospital receives admissions from almost all areas of the country. Some patients come from distant areas and their families are unable to visit them regularly. Most of them belong to the poor socio economic group and deserve assistance. We are unable to entertain all the requests for assistance due to shortage of funds and it is the responsibility of everyone to strengthen the resources with their generosity.

Health is wealth. That wealth is enhanced by both the physical and mental health. Generally not much attention is paid to the aspect of mental health as much as the attention paid to the physical health. The happiness that one acquires through desire, hatred and anger developed in one’s mind, cannot be considered as real happiness. When analyzed carefully that sort of happiness tends to make one’s mind sick.
We all know that correct mental happiness helps in enhancing physical health.

When one is able to help another with kindness, care and compassion as well as the sense of happiness in the mind, that brings real mental happiness.

Everyone likes to lead a long healthy life. If one is able to give long life to one who has a shorter life, if one can give a healthy life to a sick person, if one can provide relief to someone who is suffering, such persons are bound to acquire health, happiness and long life.

The Hospital Services Council has been rendering yeoman service for over thirty years in providing all necessities to needy patients undergoing treatment. It is noteworthy that a devoted set of both lay people and clergy are continuing the mission of the late Venerable PanwilaVipassiThera without a break.

The Board of Directors of the National Hospital, the Chief Matron and the special grade nursing staff, consultants and other medical staff, the hospital secretaries and all other staff all of whom extended their fullest co-operation for our activities deserve our warmest appreciation. Much merit to all! I wish to make a special mention of the services rendered by the nursing and other staff, who identify the needy patients and refer them to us. I offer merit to them. I wish them all long life.

May the Noble Triple Gem Bless You!